Who is Local Links for?

Local Links has been set up to provide a range of benefits for the voluntary and community sector. So if you are involved in a hobby or social group, youth club, sports club, advice and information organisation, community building or any other voluntary group Local Links will be of use to you.

What will they provide?

  • Regular Network events in your local area
  • A website Information Hub that will contain a database of all voluntary organisations in the East Riding of Yorkshire.
  • Opportunities to promote your events via the ‘Events diary’.
  • News articles
  • Useful links to documents
  • A clear communication channel through which information can be distributed
  • A framework through which the East Riding of Yorkshire Council can consult with local organisations on key issues, giving you a Voice.

How will it benefit our community group?

  • Opportunities to network with other local voluntary organisations
  • Opportunities to come together to tackle local issues
  • Provide a link to local policy makers through which local issues can be ‘flagged up’ with the community partnerships or the Voluntary Sector SteeringGroup.
  • You can use the website to search for organisations that share similar objects and undertake similar work and help identify potential partners in the area. It will also highlight any gaps in provision
  • You will receive Regular updates on funding, training and relevant information.